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Physics lab report on projectile thursday, october 20, 2011 projectile lab when you throw a ball, the ball tends to be in motion such motion is called projectile motion the purpose of this lab is to study projectile motion and its properties materials required: clams, scale, rounded plastic ball,. General science laboratory 1110l lab experiment 3: projectile motion objective: to understand the motion of a projectile in the earth’s gravitational field and your lab report for this experiment should contain the following sections: 1 title of experiment in center of the first page date to the left of the title. Title projectile motion formal lab development and report: description students will create there own questions and hypotheses for a projectile experiment. This video explains the ins and outs of the projectile motion lab as taught by the unc physics department. Appendix e: sample laboratory report knowledge of physics if your predictions were wrong and you understood it during the lab, write camera had determining the position when the projectile motion begins we observed that the y-velocity changed at the same rate.

Unformatted text preview: projectile motion due 10/9/2017 college physics i phy-25 1-06 purpose: the purpose of this lab was to predict the range of a cannon shot which was firing between 30° to 60° angle the prediction was calculated by collecting 10 ranges of the same cannon firing at 0° angle to find initial velocity. This lab entertained the idea of projectile motion and how, at different maximum heights and velocities, an object can fly shorter or farther distances the point of the lab was to find the initial velocity of the projectile launched, as well as the final distance it reached. Projectile motion is concluded when a projectile stops moving assuming nothing gets in the way, that conclusion is reached when the projectile comes to rest on the ground on earth, the motion of any projectile has both a horizontal component and a vertical component when a projectile is fired or.

University of utah – department of physics & astronomy 45 physics 2015- lab 3 projectile motion room for your calculations [3 pts total] activity 2 – measuring vo directly now, like in your homework, we will want to compare our calculated values of vo with a directly determined value. Physics lab report outline students are strongly encouraged to write their reports in the order detailed on the diagram above labs will be graded utilizing the attached rubric. Projectile motion lab rename or reorder a page via the settings menu next to the page name alternatively, click a page's name to rename it or drag a page's name to reorder it. Projectile motion 1 introduction to vary the velocity of the projectile, the ball was released from ve di erent positions neatly write your lab report (i think this is the slowest way) 2 use microsoft word or some other word processor to type up your lab report if you.

Physics lecture on projectile motion- helpful for catapult lab report students will perform a lab activity which investigates the fundamental physics behind two dimensional projectile motion the lab book is not a report and is not really intended for public display. Projectile motion lab report - secure payments and guaranteed satisfaction when derive algebraic expressions for the range and total time-of-flight of a projectile launched with initial speed vo from a. In this lab you will be examining data taken from the video entitled (part 1 of 2) an introductory projectile motion problem with an initial horizontal velocity produced by flipping physicsthe following lab implementation was designed for use in my honors physics i and ap physics 1 classes and only represents one method of analyzing the video.

Projectile motion in this lab, we will study projectile motion, which is a special case of two-dimensional motion in a two-dimensional space, an object's position is given by a pair of numbers (coordinates. Report abuse transcript of projectile motion lab in this experiment we used the projectile launcher, a steel ball, two photogates, the floor pad, smart timer, and two meter sticks to determine the initial velocity of the steel ball and the distance traveled from the launcher after being fired from the launcher at three different angles. Projectile motion introduction in this lab you will study the motion of a freely-falling projectile, namely a small plastic sphere projectile motion, for our purposes, is the motion of an object that has been launched and then is subject to only the force of gravity and the force of air friction.

  • Physics 31210 lab 2 projectile motion introduction: by rolling a steel marble down a ramp and measuring its horizontal range, you can calculate the include in your lab report before you leave the lab: spend plenty of time on the theory section: clearly draw the physics of a projectile in motion and show the relevant equations.
  • Projectile motion the purpose of this lab is to study the properties of projectile motion from the motion of a steel show this calculation in your lab report 3 using the appropriate initial velocity, vo, outside of the physics lab 5 projectile motion.
  • Projectile motion is the motion of objects that are initially launched, or projected, and then continue moving with only the force of gravity acting upon it the forces involved in projectile motion are the initial velocity of the projected object at a certain angle and gravity acting downward on the object.

I am in a calculus based college level physics i class we're doing a lab on projectile motion he is a stickler for grading the labs and just wanted to make sure everything is ok my problem is that my conclusion seems awful short, but all that is asked calculate and measue the range and calculate. This lab taught the concepts of projectile motion it taught that horizontal motion and vertical motion are independent of each other except for time using this common factor of time allows for the calculation of many different values. Unformatted text preview: names: group 1 lab #04: projectile motion lab report pre­lab questions 1compare the time to get to the bottom if you were to drop a steel ball and kick a steel ball (horizontally) off a cliff. Physics 1 lab - section 001 cp1 lab report - projectile motion october 12, 2009 the purpose of lab assignment 1 was to analyze projectile motion in doing so, we determined the initial velocity of the ball shot horizontally from the spring loaded projectile launcher.

physics lab report projectile motion Projectile motion projectile is defined as, any body thrown with some initial velocity, which is then allowed to move under the action of gravity alone, without being propelled by any engine or fuel the path followed by a projectile is called its trajectory.
Physics lab report projectile motion
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